• Laughter
    Razstava v Mestni galeriji Ljubljana
    Laughter Examples of Laughter in Art
    In the City Art Gallery you can find out why, how, for what purpose and in what forms do images that we encounter in visual art make us laugh.
  • Kristina B.
    Razstava v Galeriji Vžigalica
    Kristina B. Memories and dreams of Kristina B. Ljubljana 1941–1945
    The exhibition Memories and Dreams of Kristina B. on display in Vžigalica Gallery presents the history of World War II in Ljubljana with an alternative point of view; it takes advantage of an original comic book, through which fact and fiction intertwine.
  • Lučka Šparovec
    Razstava v Bežigrajski galeriji 1
    Lučka Šparovec Mundus
    Drawings 2009-2015
    The young artist, who is becoming increasingly more renowned on the Slovenian gallery scene, is presenting a series of pencil on paper drawings at the Bežigrad Gallery 1.
  • Maruša Sagadin
    Razstava v KC Tobačna 001
    Maruša Sagadin Tivoli
    Every city has its Tivoli!
    In her work, presented in Tobačna 001 Cultural Centre, Maruša Sagadin centres on the relationship between language, architecture and sculpture.
  • Emona Returns
    Razstava v Mestnem muzeju Ljubljana
    Emona Returns Emona Returns, exhibition of puppets
    Visit an exhibition that is oweflowing with children's imagination and through which puppets of the citizens from the old Emona come to life! Prepared by 10-year-old collaborators of the City Museum, the exhibition is a result of the year-long project Little Museum.
  • Emona: a City of the Empire
    Razstva: Emona v imperiju
    Emona: a City of the Empire Emona: a City of the Empire
    The City Museum of Ljubljana is joining the citywide celebration of the 2000th anniversary of Emona with the Emona: a City of the Empire exhibition.
  • Plečnik Collection
    Plečnik Collection UNDER RENOVATION: Jože Plečnik House
    The Plečnik collection is a monument of national significance consisting of a complex of Plečnik houses with the preserved original inventories and an adjacent garden with a lapidarium.
    At the moment, the house of Jože Plečnik is being renovated. Opening is planed for Autumn 2015.


  • April 2. 2015 - May 31. 2015

    Emona Returns, exhibition of puppets

    This Thursday, 2 April, at 5.00 pm you are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition of puppets created by preschoolers, school pupils and families for the Little Museum competition. Every received work showed plenty of imagination and interest in how the citizens of Emona lived.
  • May 5. 2015

    Examples of Laughter in Art: a guided tour of the exhibition with Barbara Jurkovšek

    You are cordially invited to the guided tour of the Examples of Laughter in Art on Tuesday 5 May, at 5.00 pm. The tour of the exhibition will be in the company of the academic painter Barbara Jurkovšek and the curator Sarival Sosič.
  • May 6. 2015

    Guided tour of the Tivoli exhibition

    You are cordially invited to a guided tour of the Tivoli exhibition with its curator Alenka Trebušak. The tour will be on Wednesday 6 May at 5.00 pmMaruša Sagadin, the exhibition's author, focuses her work on the relationship between language, architecture and sculpture.
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