• Marko Modic
    Razstava v Galeriji Jakopič
    Marko Modic The Fifth Element
    The Fifth Element overview photographic exhibition brings a refined and conceptual curatorial selection of works taken from Marko Modic’s vast oeuvre which has been accumulating over the last three decades.
  • Simona Šuc
    Razstava v Bežigrajski galeriji 1
    Simona Šuc Landscape of Rhythm
    Paintings 2013-2014
    Simona Šuc's artistic journeys to infinite spaces and beyond are presented on the Landscape of Rhythm exhibition in Bežigrad Gallery 1.
  • Boštjan Pucelj
    Razstava v Galeriji Vžigalica
    Boštjan Pucelj Sketches from America
    Vžigalica Gallery hosts a photographer Boštjan Pucelj and his visual diary of moments from the journey on the American Route 66.
  • Bojan Gorenec
    Razstava v Mestni galeriji Ljubljana
    Bojan Gorenec How Paintings Emerge (Paintings 1979–2014)
    The exhibition at the City Art Gallery is putting on display an extensive cross-section of Gorenec’s oeuvre.
  • Dušan Tršar
    Dušan Tršar Way through Light and Space
    The exhibition in Bežigrad Gallery 2 focuses on Dušan Tršar's drawings, sculptures and instalations from 1967 to 2014.
  • Emona: a City of the Empire
    Razstva: Emona v imperiju
    Emona: a City of the Empire Emona: a City of the Empire
    The City Museum of Ljubljana is joining the citywide celebration of the 2000th anniversary of Emona with the Emona: a City of the Empire exhibition.
  • Plečnik Collection
    Plečnik Collection UNDER RENOVATION: Jože Plečnik House
    The Plečnik collection is a monument of national significance consisting of a complex of Plečnik houses with the preserved original inventories and an adjacent garden with a lapidarium.
    At the moment, the house of Jože Plečnik is being renovated. Opening is planed for Autumn 2015.
  • Faces of Ljubljana
    Faces of Ljubljana Faces of Ljubljana
    The Faces of Ljubljana permanent exhibition of the City Museum of Ljubljana provides a reflection of the city as a living environment, as well as an economic, political, administrative and creative centre.


  • February 12. 2015 - May 22. 2015

    Exploring Ljubljana's history: memories of excavating Emona

    Emona’s archaeological excavations in Ljubljana began more intensively in the 1960s and are still happening today. Do you remember them? Were you there then? Did the archaeology of Emona connect with you in some other way? Share your story with us.
  • June 1. 2014 - May 31. 2015

    Step into Emona!, tours of the exhibition Emona: a City of the Empire

    Step into Emona, a city that developed 2000 years ago along the left bank of the Ljubljanica River. Get acquainted with the old Emonans, loyal Roman citizens. See how they lived, their rituals and values. Extraordinary Roman achievements still echoed through the 20th century. How? Come to the City Museum and see for yourself!
  • February 18. 2015 - March 18. 2015

    Simona Šuc: Landscape of Rhythm

    Compositions of shapes within shapes, to be exact, duality became a part of Simona Šuc's artistic paintings in 2013 and 2014.
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