• Stojan Batič
    Razstava v Galeriji Jakopič
    Stojan Batič The Man and the Myth
    Until mid-August 2015 you are welcome to visit the Stojan Batič: The Man and the Myth retrospective exhibition at the Jakopič Gallery. The exhibition, prepared in the year when the author celebrates his 90th birthday, is putting on display a refined selection of his most characteristic and representative works.
  • Melita Vovk
    Razstava v Bežigrajski galeriji 2
    Melita Vovk Drawings, paintings and prints
    The Bežigrad Gallery 2 is putting on display an overwiev exhibition of Melita Vovk, a painter who works in painting, graphics, drawing, scenography, costume design and caricature, but specialises in illustration.
  • Minna & Sezgin
    Razstava v KC Tobačna 001
    Minna & Sezgin Minna Henriksson: Works On Paper & Sezgin Boynik: Theses On Hardcore
    CC Tobačna 001 hosts two solo ehibitions, Works On Paper and Theses On Hardcore, by artists-in-residence Minna Henriksson and Sezgin Boynik from Finland.
  • Laughter
    Razstava v Mestni galeriji Ljubljana
    Laughter Examples of Laughter in Art
    In the City Art Gallery you can find out why, how, for what purpose and in what forms do images that we encounter in visual art make us laugh.
  • Emona Returns
    Razstava v Mestnem muzeju Ljubljana
    Emona Returns Emona Returns, exhibition of puppets
    Visit an exhibition that is oweflowing with children's imagination and through which puppets of the citizens from the old Emona come to life! Prepared by 10-year-old collaborators of the City Museum, the exhibition is a result of the year-long project Little Museum.
  • Emona: a City of the Empire
    Razstva: Emona v imperiju
    Emona: a City of the Empire Emona: a City of the Empire
    The City Museum of Ljubljana is joining the citywide celebration of the 2000th anniversary of Emona with the Emona: a City of the Empire exhibition.
  • Plečnik Collection
    Plečnik Collection UNDER RENOVATION: Jože Plečnik House
    The Plečnik collection is a monument of national significance consisting of a complex of Plečnik houses with the preserved original inventories and an adjacent garden with a lapidarium.
    At the moment, the house of Jože Plečnik is being renovated. Opening is planed for Autumn 2015.


  • May 16. 2015 - August 16. 2015

    Guided tours of The Man and the Myth exhibition in English

    Discover intimate sculptures and see the footage of several public monuments at the guided tour of the retrospective exhibition Stojan Batič: The Man and the Myth, every Saturday at 4.30 pm.
  • February 12. 2015 - May 22. 2015

    Exploring Ljubljana's history: memories of excavating Emona

    Emona’s archaeological excavations in Ljubljana began more intensively in the 1960s and are still happening today. Do you remember them? Were you there then? Did the archaeology of Emona connect with you in some other way? Share your story with us.
  • April 21. 2015 - September 30. 2015

    Fabiani's Heritage in Ljubljana

    In 2015 we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Max Fabiani’s birth. The museum is commemorating the anniversary of the famous architect and urban planner with Fabiani’s Legacy in Ljubljana. The exhibition presents Fabiani’s regulation plans that outlined the long-term urban development of Ljubljana after the 1895 earthquake, as well as his other executed works in Ljubljana.
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