• OM production
    Razstava v Bežigrajski galeriji 2
    OM production OM Production
    40 Years (1975–2015)
    Bežigrad Gallery 2 is showing the first retrospective of OM Production, an expressive avant-garde collective based in Slovenia.
  • Marko Modic
    Razstava v Galeriji Jakopič
    Marko Modic The Fifth Element
    The Fifth Element overview photographic exhibition brings a refined and conceptual curatorial selection of works taken from Marko Modic’s vast oeuvre which has been accumulating over the last three decades.
  • Meta Grgurevič
    Razstava v KC Tobačna 001
    Meta Grgurevič Meta Grgurevič: Saudade
    In this exhibition project in Tobačna Cultural Centre, artist Meta Grgurevič delves into a specific emotional state that the Portuguese, a nation of seafarers and musicians, call saudade.
  • Bojan Gorenec
    Razstava v Mestni galeriji Ljubljana
    Bojan Gorenec How Paintings Emerge (Paintings 1979–2014)
    The exhibition at the City Art Gallery is putting on display an extensive cross-section of Gorenec’s oeuvre.
  • Emona: a City of the Empire
    Razstva: Emona v imperiju
    Emona: a City of the Empire Emona: a City of the Empire
    The City Museum of Ljubljana is joining the citywide celebration of the 2000th anniversary of Emona with the Emona: a City of the Empire exhibition.
  • Plečnik Collection
    Plečnik Collection UNDER RENOVATION: Jože Plečnik House
    The Plečnik collection is a monument of national significance consisting of a complex of Plečnik houses with the preserved original inventories and an adjacent garden with a lapidarium.
    At the moment, the house of Jože Plečnik is being renovated. Opening is planed for Autumn 2015.


  • March 26. 2015

    How Paintings Emerge: A guided tour of the exhibition with Mateja Podlesnik

    You are cordially invited to a guided tour of the How Paintings Emerge (Paintings 1979–2014) exhibition on Thursday, 26 March, at 5.00 pm in the company of curator Mateja Podlesnik. The author Bojan Gorenec is an exceptional and thorough analyst and artist and a recipient of numerous awards. His exhibition at the City Art Gallery is one of the largest retrospectives of his oeuvre.
  • March 31. 2015

    How was The Fifth Element Created, a discussion with the authors

    The artist, curator, designer and photographer all took central stage when preparing the overview exhibition The Fifth Element. Would you like to learn how were the presented works selected, which were the main challenges of the reproduction process and how is it with the design and the printing of the catalogue? Join us on Tuesday, 31 March, at 6.00 pm at the Jakopič Gallery. No admission fee.
  • March 31. 2015

    Guided tour of the OM Production, 40 Years (1975–2015) exhibition

    You are cordially invited to a guided tour of the OM production 40 Years (1975–2015) exhibition on Tuesday, 31 March, at 5.00 pm in the company with Liberio Abrahamsberg, Museum OM Production Curator and Štefan Cingesar, Exhibition Curator.
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