• 31st Biennial
    Razstava v Galeriji Jakopič
    31st Biennial Over you/you
    Giles Round:
    Ljubljana, 1955
    The 31st edition of the biennial also marks 60 years of the Biennial of Graphic Arts and for this occasion the Jakopič Gallery hosts Giles Round. The English artist’s project is the reinterpretation of the first biennial in 1955.
  • From a Sketch to a Puppet
    Razstava v Bežigrajski galeriji 1
    From a Sketch to a Puppet Agata Freyer
    The traditional annual puppet exhibition presents the creative process ranging from a sketch to a drawing, from a sculpture as a study to a puppet as a total sculpture.
  • Hommage à Malevich
    Razstava v Mestni galeriji Ljubljana
    Hommage à Malevich Black Square Continued, group exhibition
    On the occasion of the centenary of this key Suprematist object of early twentieth-century historical avant-garde art, City Art Gallery Ljubljana is hosting a themed group exhibition presenting a selection of artists from the territories of our former common country of Yugoslavia.
  • Morning Dew
    Bežigrajska galerija 1
    Morning Dew Jože Slak-Đoka
    An overview of works made by the extremely talented, distinctly unique and unstoppably curious author.
  • 93. ADC
    Razstava v Galeriji Vžigalica
    93. ADC Art Directors Club
    Art Directors Club is a non-profit membership organisation with headquarters in New York which has been holding competitions for the best solutions in design and advertising since 1920. The exhibition of last year’s winners is on display in Vžigalica Gallery.
    Razstava v Mestnem muzeju
    Ljubljana with its surroundings has accesses to remarkably high-quality water and its many sources that enabled 5,000 years of continuous settlement can still be accessed to this day.
  • Museum Water
    Voda za prihodnost
    Museum Water ... For the Future
    The people of Ljubljana drink natural drinking water that runs untreated from the taps and the numerous public drinking fountains that adorn the city. We are grateful for such a valuable natural resource and this is why we have captured the special story of water in a bottle called Museum Water.
  • Luciana Kaplun
    Razstava v KC Tobačna 001
    Luciana Kaplun The Squad
    In a residential exchange with Israeli Center for Digital Art from Holon artist Luciana Kaplun is presenting her project entitled The Squad in CC Tobačna 001. The concept behind the project is mythologisation of the heroism, from Che Guevara to partisanship.
  • Plečnik House
    Plečnik House UNDER RENOVATION: Jože Plečnik House
    The Plečnik collection is a monument of national significance consisting of a complex of Plečnik houses with the preserved original inventories and an adjacent garden with a lapidarium.
    At the moment, the house of Jože Plečnik is being renovated. Opening is planed for Autumn 2015.


  • September 6. 2015 - December 17. 2015

    Autumn guided tour of the Water exhibition

    Through diffrent themes and various timelines, the exhibition presents the importance of water. It is essential for our survival, the mobility of humans, goods, ideas and knowledge, our mythologies and beliefs, art and language.
  • September 1. 2015

    Screenings of Ella, la telenovela and Gilda

    We kindly invite you to a screening of the videos Ella, la telenovela (2011) and Gilda (2014), as part of The Squad exhibition by Luciana Kaplun, on Tuesday 1 September at 5.00 p.m.
  • September 8. 2015 - September 9. 2015

    Festival Sound Explicit 2015

    Sound Explicit is a cycle of live sound and audio experimental performances presenting a diversity of genres: from sound research to various forms of improvisation and experimental sound processing.
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