• The Wheel - 5,200 Years
    razstava v Mestnem muzeju Ljubljana
    The Wheel - 5,200 Years Let’s set the world in motion!
    The invention of the wheel is the foundation of civilisation and culture. And the oldest wooden wheel with an axle, 5,200 years old, was discovered in Slovenia in the Ljubljana Marshes.
  • Jože Ciuha
    Jože Ciuha Jože Ciuha: The Labyrinth of Time
    From 18 December 2013 until 13 April 2014 Jakopič Gallery is putting on display a retrospective exhibition of Jože Ciuha, one of the best known Slovenian artists enjoying European renown.
  • Primož Pugelj
    razstava v Bežigrajski galeriji 1
    Primož Pugelj Anonymous
    Sculptures 2012–2014
    Occupying pride of place in Primož Pugelj’s creative output for nearly a decade, masks have become both a constant in the artist’s oeuvre and his trademark. The exhibition Razstava Anonymous is on display in Bežigrad Gallery 1.
  • Hildegard Projekt
    Razstava v Galeriji Vžigalica
    Hildegard Projekt Haute Sculpture
    The corporate sculpture of the Hildegard Projekt: Houte Sculpture exhibition is a work of eleven artists of the Slovenian artists association DLUL and Hildegard Projekt.
  • Qëndresë Deda
    Razstava v KC Tobačna 001
    Qëndresë Deda Here And There
    The exhibition entitled Here and There does not represent a nostalgic album of events and locations, but addresses the direct connection between the present and the past. It is characterized by elements incised on the identity of the artist, who is torn from her comfort zone, and can be read on spatial and mental levels.
  • Faces of Ljubljana
    Faces of Ljubljana Faces of Ljubljana
    The Faces of Ljubljana permanent exhibition of the City Museum of Ljubljana provides a reflection of the city as a living environment, as well as an economic, political, administrative and creative centre.
  • Natures 11
    Natures 11 International video festival
    The Video Festival Natures is marked by people and their natures.


  • March 27. 2014 - April 25. 2014

    Qëndresë Deda: Here And There, solo

    In Cultural Center Tobačna 001 our resident artist Qëndresë Deda from Kosovo presents a new project  which is a part of the residential exchange between Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina and MGML.
  • March 20. 2014 - April 19. 2014

    Pile dwellers through the eyes of children, totally special guided tours and family workshops

    Do not miss this unforgettable experience! Our young museum experts, participants in the »Little Museum« project, prepared four guided tours with a workshop of the Wheel, 5200 Years and Pile dwellers through the eyes of children exhibitions. We meet at the City Museum on 20 March and on 5, 10 and 19 April. All tours will be held at 4 p.m. (in Slovenian language)
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