• Plečnik House
    Plečnik House Home of architect Jože Plečnik
    You are invited to visit the renovated Plečnik House, which is now becoming the starting point of discovering Plečnik’s Ljubljana!
  • A New Age is Coming!
    A New Age is Coming!
    Industry – Labour – Capital
    Today it is golden shopping carts that are bringing us to the new age. In the past, privatisation vouchers, large home appliances, self-management, games of military hide-and-seek, the earliest trade fairs, the struggle for workers’ rights, the first factories and factory-owners were likewise bringing us to new ages.
  • Damjan Gale
    Damjan Gale The Architect of Light
    The Architect of Light is the first retrospective exhibition of the architectural photography of Damjan Gale. An architect by profession, between 1974 and 1993 Gale created a striking photographic oeuvre.
  • Roman pavement
    Zakladnica 2017
    Roman pavement A Roman pavement beneath Slovenska cesta
    Heritage of Emona in the centre of Ljubljana.
    The pavement from Slovenska cesta is decorative and durable, and almost as hard as concrete.
  • Ida Brišnik Remec
    Ida Brišnik Remec Transparencies
    Overview exhibition of drawings and paintings 1976–2017
  • Veli & Amos
    Veli & Amos Space is a Canvas – Diptych
    With their exhibition, the Slovenian-Swiss art duo Veli & Amos are trying to integrate their differing artistic practices and media into an image perceived in two dimensions, using a spatial installation to that effect. 
  • Matej Andraž Vogrinčič
    Matej Andraž Vogrinčič Matches
    Rather than in galleries, the artist usually realizes his ideas in urban environments, where his interventions call attention to the neuralgic points in cities, such as decaying buildings and facades, abandoned construction sites, or shopping malls as monolithic temples of consumerist society.
  • Murmuring
    Murmuring Ayşe Erkmen, Ali Kazma, Seza Paker
    A murmur is a whisper; it is barely a sound. In Greek, mormurein is used to refer to humming as well as to gleaming.


  • April 2. 2017 - May 28. 2017

    A guided tour of the New Age is Coming! exhibition

    You are invited to join us at the regular guided tours of the New Age is Coming! exhibition. We will guide you through the products made by Ljubljana-based factories, dwelling on the items which bring back memories and make you consider what used to be common and what is still common today.
  • April 21. 2017 - June 25. 2017

    Plečnik and Prague Castle: Apartment for the First President of Czechoslovakia

    Spring in the Plečnik House is in the sign of our collaboration with the Archives of Prague Castle. The final product of this collaboration, the exhibition Plečnik and Prague Castle, focuses on Plečnik’s designs for the rearrangement and equipment of the private presidential areas in the Prague Castle, and on important personal connections Plečnik had with Masaryk and his daughter Alice. 
  • April 20. 2017 - June 4. 2017

    Murmuring, group exhibition

    A murmur is a whisper; it is barely a sound. In Greek, mormurein is used to refer to humming as well as to gleaming. The meaning is considered to come from the sound made by leaves rubbing against each other, referred to as rustling. Life blossoms within this bare murmur. The sounds heard are not only the leaves and the wind, but also the voice of the artist that is heard quietly. 
    Opening of the exhibition will be on Thursday, April 20, at 7 pm at Mestna galerija Ljubljana.

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