• Medieval Ljubljana
    15. 5. 2017-2. 5. 2018
    Medieval Ljubljana Discoveries and new perspectives on the city’s medieval flourishing
    A wooden pot dating from the year 990 that challenges our current perspective on the emergence of medieval Ljubljana. Learn about recent discoveries made in Ljubljana's city centre!
  • Plečnik House
    Plečnik House Home of architect Jože Plečnik
    You are invited to visit the renovated Plečnik House, which is now becoming the starting point of discovering Plečnik’s Ljubljana!
  • Tihomir Pinter
    Tihomir Pinter The Chemistry of the Image
    This retrospective of Tihomir Pinter’s analogue black and white photographs is the first major overview of his extensive oeuvre since the early 1960s.
  • SAETA 40 YEARS, 1977–2017
    Bežigrajska galerija 2
    SAETA 40 YEARS, 1977–2017 Experimental music ensemble
    The exhibit features drawings, paintings, photos, notations, film and video productions by the members of the musical ensemble SAETA.
  • Tugo Šušnik
    Tugo Šušnik Quasimodo (1971 – 2017)
    The exhibition presents works from private and public collections which are less known or have been viewed less. Some of them are presented here for the first time.
  • Moran Victoria Sabbag
    Moran Victoria Sabbag Adagio for Space
    In her creative practice, which primarily encompasses graphic art, installations and performances, Israeli artist and violinist Moran Victoria Sabbag introduces space for interactivity and within it the possibility to subvert socially accepted norms or rules.
  • Siniša Labrović
    Siniša Labrović Private
    Using self-irony and humour, Labrović uses his own body and physical markers of his social position and self-isolation to create installations, i.e. from bricks, plastic bags, furniture, used towels, glass, books, lamps and other equipment. 


  • October 20. 2017 - June 2. 2018

    Up Close: Photography as a Way of Seeing, 2017/18 Study Group

    You are kindy invited to join the study group Up Close: Photography as a Way of Seeing, or to attend any of the two-day photo workshops - to train your eye and to be able to face the mission implemented through photography.
  • November 14. 2017 - May 2. 2018

    Medieval Ljubljana

    Remarkable discoveries, shifting the beginnings of medieval Ljubljana back to circa 1000 AD.
  • October 13. 2017 - January 21. 2018

    Plečnik and water: the fountains in the city

    With Plečnik's year coming to its end, visitors to the Plečnik House can now visit the temporary exhibition Plečnik and water: the fountains in the city, which gives them a peek into the original materials of the Plečnik Collection and the architect's plans for various projects connected with water.
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