• Bernik, Kariž, Krnc, Pregl, Vrabič, Štrukelj
    Bernik, Kariž, Krnc, Pregl, Vrabič, Štrukelj Better Doggy Style Than No Style
    The presentation of the project, mostly designed in situ, will certainly be an opportunity for numerous usages of the visual and open dialogue between various linguistic games and a connection of the poetics of painting into a visual whole. 
  • A New Age is Coming!
    Industrija - delo - kapital
    A New Age is Coming!
    Industry – Labour – Capital
    Today it is golden shopping carts that are bringing us to the new age. In the past, privatisation vouchers, large home appliances, self-management, games of military hide-and-seek, the earliest trade fairs, the struggle for workers’ rights, the first factories and factory-owners were likewise bringing us to new ages.
  • Sabina Šinko
    Bežigrajska galerija 1
    Sabina Šinko From a Sketch to a Puppet
    The traditional annual puppet exhibition presents the creative process ranging from a sketch to a drawing, from a sculpture as a study to a puppet as a total sculpture.

    August 31. 2016 - November 4. 2016
  • Plečnik House
    Plečnik House Home of architect Jože Plečnik
    You are invited to visit the renovated Plečnik House, which is now becoming the starting point of discovering Plečnik’s Ljubljana!
  • Hili Greenfeld
    Hili Greenfeld The Moly Matrimony
    Artist's work include relics, graves, and shrines – artificial versions of such objects, i.e. objects that testify to our inability to capture time and comprehend its meaning. By combining paintings, sculptures, ready-mades, and stories, she creates environments that are like scenes of private recollection.


  • May 20. 2016 - November 13. 2016

    Plečnik and the river: reconstruction of Ljubljana’s embankments and bridges

    With original plans, a short film and texts, the exhibition Plečnik and the river: reconstruction of Ljubljana’s embankments and bridges presents the story of Plečnik’s regulations in Ljubljana’s urban centre – the embankments of Gradaščica and Ljubljanica.
  • September 29. 2016 - November 13. 2016

    Better Doggy Style Than No Style, group painting exhibition

    The selected painters are not only joined by their age (all born in the early 1970s), but also by their similar approaches regarding the questions of representation / representativeness of painting, which received new answers during the 1990s. The show will display works by Viktor BernikŽiga KarižGorazd KrncArjan PreglSašo Vrabič and Miha Štrukelj.
    Opening of the exhibition will be on Thursday, 29 September, at 7 pm at City Art Gallery Ljubljana.

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