• Sebastião Salgado
    Sebastião Salgado Genesis
    The exhibition of the 245 majestic black-and-white photographs - a visual homage to our planet by the world-acclaimed photographer Sebastião Salgado - is now on view at Jakopič Gallery and at the City Museum of Ljubljana.

    Photo: Iceberg between Paulet Island and the South Shetland Islands in the Weddell Sea. Antarctic Peninsula. 2005. ©Sebastião Salgado. Amazonas Images.
  • Jože Suhadolnik
    Jože Suhadolnik Photo Stories 35
    The exhibition brings together three and a half decades’ work by a photographer who has marked Slovenian media as well as the sphere of original photography.

    Photo: Armenia, 2001 / Jože Suhadolnik 
  • Group exhibition
    Group exhibition Waves in Sculpture
    The exhibition will future following artists: Drago Tršar, Milena Braniselj, Marko A. Kovačič, Vit Rozman, Elena Fajt, Tobias Putrih, Katja Oblak and Jure Fingušt.
  • Plečnik House
    Plečnik House Home of architect Jože Plečnik
    You are invited to visit the renovated Plečnik House, which is now becoming the starting point of discovering Plečnik’s Ljubljana!
  • Museum Water
    Voda za prihodnost
    Museum Water ... For the Future
    The people of Ljubljana drink natural drinking water that runs untreated from the taps and the numerous public drinking fountains that adorn the city. We are grateful for such a valuable natural resource and this is why we have captured the special story of water in a bottle called Museum Water.
  • Spaces of Changes
    Bežigrajska galerija 2
    Spaces of Changes 40 years of the Bežigrad Gallery 1976-2016
    Presentation of the gallery’s archives, artworks and collections of the Bežigrad gallery.


  • June 4. 2016 - August 28. 2016

    A guided tour of the Genesis exhibition

    You are invited to join us at the regular guided tours of the Genesis exhibition by Sebastião Salgado. We will guide you through 245 spectacular black-and-white photographs of wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, and indigenous peoples.
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Salgado Genesis 2