• Sebastião Salgado
    Sebastião Salgado GENESIS Extended until September 11!

    The exhibition of the 245 majestic black-and-white photographs - a visual homage to our planet by the world-acclaimed photographer Sebastião Salgado - is now on view at Jakopič Gallery and at the City Museum of Ljubljana.

    Photo: Teureum, sikeirei and leader of the Mentawai clan. This shaman is preparing a filter for sago, with the leaves of this same sago tree. Siberut Island. West Sumatra, Indonesia. 2008. ©Sebastião Salgado / Amazonas images

  • Lace
    Lace Lace: one woman's pittance, another woman's prestige

    Lace – a web-like decorative product from thread, made with a needle, by knitting, with bobbins, a crochet hook or a weaving shuttle.

  • Roman grave
    razstava v zakladnici
    Roman grave Roman doctor's grave from the Slovenska Street

    During the renovation of the Slovenska Street in the spring of 2015, archaeologists came across an incredible discovery of an almost 2000 years old Roman grave.

  • Museum Water
    Voda za prihodnost
    Museum Water ... For the Future

    The people of Ljubljana drink natural drinking water that runs untreated from the taps and the numerous public drinking fountains that adorn the city. We are grateful for such a valuable natural resource and this is why we have captured the special story of water in a bottle called Museum Water.

  • Faces of Ljubljana
    Faces of Ljubljana Faces of Ljubljana - Permanent Exhibition

    The Faces of Ljubljana permanent exhibition of the City Museum of Ljubljana provides a reflection of the city as a living environment, as well as an economic, political, administrative and creative centre.

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